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Xiaomi Mi 20000mAh Powerbank 3 Pro, VXN4254GL

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Item Xiaomi Mi 20000mAh Powerbank 3 Pro, VXN4254GL
Type Powerbank 
Brand Xiaomi
Product Model VXN4254GL
Battery type
  • Lithium-polymer rechargeable cell
Battery capacity
  • 74Wh 3.7V 20000mAh
Rated capacity
  • 12600mAh(5V 5.4A)
Input port
  • USB-C
Output port
  • USB-A / USB-C
Operating temperature
  • 5℃~40℃
  • 153.5×73.5×27.5mm
Charging time
  • Approx 11 hours(5V/2A charger,included in-box) Approx 6.5 hours(18W charger,included in-box) Approx 4.5 hours(45W charger)
  • 20000mAH Mi Power Bank 3 Pro Huge capacity. You'll only need to bring one.

A mobile power bank is an indispensable companion to your other smart devices, and as technology evolves, people need more out their power bank. That's why the 20000mAH Mi Power Bank 3 Pro was created to meet the everyday needs of the modern individual.

  • USB-C + Dual USB-A ports. An extra option with triple ports

Due to its high power capacity, the 20000mAH Mi Power Bank 3 Pro is able to support a triple port design, including a USB-C port capable of up to 45W two-way charging. Each USB-A can provide 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A, or 12V/1.5A output if used one at a time, or if used simultaneously can provide 5V/3A output.

  • The power bank that can charge your laptop Your laptop's new partner

The USB-C port can both give and take charge with up to 45W two-way charging. Not just for phones anymore, this power bank can charge your MacBook or Switch as well. The 20000mAH power core really is capable of charging all your devices.

  • Your new work assistant USB-C two-way charging

With up to 45W charging, the USB-C port not only lets you quickly recharge the power bank, but also reduces the time needed to charge your devices. You can get your work done anywhere when you carry the 2000mAH of power capacity with you.

  • Always by your side The convenience of triple ports

Its USB-C port and two USB-A ports are fitted into an easy to carry design so that your mobile power station can go with you to every unforgettable destination.

  • Upgraded exterior design

The 20000mAH Mi Power Bank 3 Pro is housed in unibody casing with carefully applied UV paint. Moreover, the top and bottom are made to shine like ceramic, completing the power bank's exquisite look.

  • All-round optimization and international compatibility

The 20000mAH Mi Power Bank 3 Pro is tested and confirmed to be in accordance with GB/T 35590-2017 standard research and development on its external logo, power performance, safety, and environmental adaptability.